Our Team

Our EarthBites team is a dynamic blend of educators, nutritionists, farmers, and environmentalists, united by a shared passion for food security and ecological stewardship. With diverse backgrounds in permaculture, urban farming, holistic nutrition, indigenous teachings, and entrepreneurship, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, empowering communities to reconnect with the land and their food sources.

Suzanne Fielden

Suzanne Fielden co-founded EarthBites Society with her husband Dominic in 2004, it was a natural extension of their family restaurant Rocky Mountain Flatbread.

Suzanne loves working with the team, partners and families to create or retrofit new garden infrastructure and create and deliver fun and engaging programs which connect people to their food and the outside.

Brendan Young

Brendan Young, a key team member at EarthBites since 2011, combines his skills as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with extensive experience in urban agriculture. His background includes hands-on work at his uncle’s farm and involvement in the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. Brendan specializes in designing and constructing garden infrastructure for schools and leading interactive English and French language workshops for students and teachers, both in-person and online.

Krista Levesque, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, has been a member of the EarthBites team since 2014, as a facilitator and a Program Manager. Her expertise includes urban organic farming and the use of native plants and herbs for both food and skincare. She specializes in leading nutrition workshops for students, teachers, and families. Krista, who also holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, is dedicated to teaching families about food growing and healthy eating in our school communities.

Lori Greyell, a master organic gardener, plays a pivotal role in nurturing young gardeners and environmental stewards through her workshops. Leading several community gardens in Port Moody, she integrates her expertise from her Permaculture Design Certificate, into her gardening projects. Beyond hands-on gardening, Lori is a dedicated advocate for food security in her community, contributing her knowledge and passion to create sustainable impact.

Annabelle Schmitt grew up in rural Germany and caught the gardening bug from her mom and grandma.  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of homegrown vegetables and the bond they create with family and nature.
It’s not just about plants; it’s about passing on knowledge, fostering understanding, and sowing seeds of appreciation for the beauty of nature.

edible flowers

Theresa Smith  is a Registered Councillor who has her own practise and she also loves getting out in school gardens and get her hands in the dirt with students to grow and harvest lots of food and turn them into delicious snacks or just munch on them raw!

Laura Cisneros is from Mexico and has dedicated her life to growing organic food and medicines with the moon cycles.   One of Laura’s favourite activities is to show students how to make simple and delicious teas, salves and snacks with herbs, flowers and foods from the garden.

Milena Robledo is a master organic gardener and loves working with students in the garden to create beautiful and productive gardens and delicious snacks from their bounty.