School Partnership Program

EarthBites’ School Partnership Program offers a comprehensive, year-round educational experience in partnership with schools.
Key aspects of the program include:

  • Weekly visits by EarthBites facilitators
  • 4-5 seasonal workshops for each class and up to 3 student-led after school markets to raise funds for garden operations.
  • Full support in garden maintenance throughout the year, ensuring gardens are vibrant learning spaces.
  • Close collaboration with school principals, teacher representatives, and PAC Garden Coordinators to align with school goals and ensure effective program delivery.
  • Integration with the BC curriculum, extending learning opportunities with garden projects.
  • Resources for teachers to independently lead sessions & connect classroom learning to outdoor activities.
  • Practical projects like Fall and Spring Gardening, Winter Gardening with Microgreens, Hydroponics or Garden crafts, and Summer Gardening, coupled with Pocket Markets and maintenance support by EarthBites.

This program creates productive gardens, enriches the school community, and provides dynamic outdoor classroom experiences for students, teachers, and families.

A Year With EarthBites

Throughout the year, EarthBites facilitates a range of seasonal activities with students, including growing and harvesting food, creating simple snacks, and exploring the garden habitat. Each visit offers hands-on experiences tailored to the season, from planting and caring for square-foot gardens to harvesting and enjoying the bounty through classroom feasts.

Fall Gardens

Experience the autumn harvest as students gather veggies and herbs, prepare garden beds for winter, and enjoy making a seasonal snack.

Harvest fall veggies and herbs.

Practice garden techniques such as:

  • Amending beds
  • Planting winter greens and garlic
  • Preparing beds for winter

Connect to the season by creating a simple nutritious snack.

Winter Gardens

Explore winter-friendly growing techniques and garden crafts.

Finish preparing beds for winter.

Practice garden techniques such as:

  • Propagating perennial plants for spring planting
  • Growing foods indoors
  • Learning simple crafts with garden materials

Connect to the season by creating a simple nutritious snack.

Spring Gardens

Welcome spring by harvesting greens and preparing the gardens for summer planting amending soil, harvesting early greens, and planting a diverse garden full of life, from pollinators to a variety of edible plants.

Harvest winter greens.

Practice garden techniques such as:

  • Amending beds with compost tea
  • Planning and planting a diverse square-foot garden
  • Caring for Spring veggies

Connect to the season by creating a simple nutritious snack.

Summer Gardens

Celebrate the summer season with a bountiful harvest, creating feasts from the garden’s yield and planting a vibrant mix of summer crops.

Practice garden techniques such as:

  • Watering seedlings and established crops
  • Identifying and removing weeds
  • Thinning crops
  • Caring for climbing crops
  • Harvesting and preserving herbs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Caring for your garden space

Plant a square-foot summer garden – with veggies such as beans, zucchini, beets, carrots & herbs.