The EarthBites team of urban gardeners and nutritionists deliver fun & inspirational workshops for schools and community groups to grow and eat with the seasons.

These workshops are perfect for anyone who want to explore how to utilize their garden space to learn about urban gardening, nutrition and foraging. If you don’t have your own food growing space – no worries – our team will introduce you to the world of container gardening.

We are proud to cater our workshops to your specific space and needs.


  • Practical introduction to grow food and forage with the seasons
  • Planting your garden bed with seasonal theme – full of veggies, herbs and fruits with instructions on how to care for it
  • Creating a seasonal nutritious snack
  • Enhance existing gardening, nutrition or foraging seasonal knowledge
  • Simple tools and techniques to enhance garden and food experience


Workshops are 1 ½ hours long and approximately $15 per student + cost of supplies (soil, seeds and seedlings)


Students will plant a fall garden following the square foot garden method.   Garlic, fall greens and vegetables will be planted.  Students will also learn how to prepare a yummy snack that features … garlic.


Participants will take a guided tour through their grounds and discover what we consider “weeds” can be used as food and medicines. Students will also learn how to create a rosehip tea, full of vitamin C.


Growing micro greens is a great way to get into the wonderful world of plants & enjoy a healthy treat. Micro-greens can be harvested in only 10 days.  Participants plant trays of micro-greens (peas or sunflowers) & learn how to care for them. They also explore tasty options for eating their greens & prepare a healthy snack featuring micro-greens.


Winter is a perfect time to plan your garden space using methods like square foot gardening. Participants choose a theme for their garden beds such as Spring Smoothie and plan what and how many vegetables and fruits they will grow in time for harvesting in June to create a feast from! We will also start some seedlings to care for to give your garden bed a head start and top tips for healthy soil.


Participants will plant a spring garden following a square foot garden plan. They will plant a variety of spring plants including: Spinach, radishes, kale, lettuce, peas. These are all fast growing plants & can be harvested before summer break.

Participants will also learn how to prepare a yummy spring cleansing smoothie or salad that features … spring greens.


Particiants will take a guided tour through their garden space and discover how what we consider “weeds” can be used as food and medicines. Students will also learn how to create a nutritious tea or salad using dandelion flowers, leaves and roots.


Planting in early summer allows for a return to school bounty. Participants discover what thrives in summer & plant a variety of summer crops including: pumpkins, cucumbers, squashes, carrots. We will also provide some tips on how to maintain the garden throughout the hot summer months. Participants also learn about staying hydrated when playing (or gardening) in the hot sun & prepare & enjoy a tasty, hydrating drink.



Designed for groups of Teachers or Educators who wish to lead their own school garden or garden learning space. Our Educator Workshops provide hands on training on how to plan, plant, and maintain your garden throughout the seasons, as well as tips and tricks to help your students have an enjoyable learning experience in the garden. We also provide nutritious, no-cook snack recipes and training to help make use of your garden’s bounty. The EarthBites Team offer seasonal workshops during off-school hours (Pro D days, after school, etc…)


  • Create clear garden goals
  • Plan your garden for the season
  • Create your garden shopping list for soil and seeds and tools
  • Create a timeline of when to plant and harvest bulbs and seeds, with clear instruction sheets.
  • Hands on training in any food growing areas: Starting seedlings, planting seeds, harvesting,
  • Hands on training for creating nutritional seasonal snacks which require no cooking. Recipes, shopping lists and nutritional shopping lists included.
  • Hands on training for hosting your own pocket markets, to raise money for your garden.


Our Educator Workshops are a half day (3 hours) and cost $250 + the cost of supplies.