EarthBites offers engaging Seasonal Workshops tailored to schools and community groups on gardening, nutrition, and foraging, alongside specialized half-day Educator Workshops for teachers, covering garden planning, planting, maintenance, and no-cook seasonal snacks, all adaptable to various spaces and needs.

Seasonal Workshops

EarthBites specializes in engaging, fun workshops for schools and community groups, focusing on seasonal gardening, nutrition, and foraging. Whether you have a garden or are new to container gardening, our workshops are adaptable to your space and needs.

We offer a hands-on:

  • Introduction to food growing, foraging, and garden crafting
  • Guidance on planting and maintaining a garden bed with a variety of plants
  • Tips for creating nutritious seasonal snacks.


In just 10 days, you can harvest your own micro-greens, such as peas or sunflowers. This workshop not only guides participants through planting and caring for these greens but also includes exploring delicious ways to incorporate them into a healthy snack.

Explore the world of hydroponics with our four-week project, featuring two 90-minute workshops. This indoor growing method allows for rapid plant growth in as little as five weeks, free from outdoor pests. Participants will plant lettuce, kale, and basil in compact hydroponic units, later harvesting their crops to make delicious basil pesto pasta and salad. The program includes comprehensive workbooks and the option to add an extra hydroponic unit for $100 to accommodate more students.

In our seasonal snack workshops, participants learn to make healthy snacks using fresh, seasonal ingredients. These practical sessions focus on the benefits of seasonal eating and teach easy-to-follow recipes. The workshops change with the seasons, providing a variety of snack options all year round.

Our workshops offer a range of garden craft activities, teaching participants how to create functional and decorative items from garden materials. These workshops not only foster creativity but also deepen the connection with nature. Participants leave with their garden-inspired crafts, made from the bounty of the garden.


Students use the square foot gardening method to plant a fall garden, cultivating garlic, various fall greens, and vegetables. They also learn how to create a delicious snack featuring the produce they grow.

Participants get hands-on experience planting garlic using effective gardening techniques. This workshop guides you through the entire process, from selecting the right garlic variety to the best planting practices for a successful harvest. Alongside garlic planting, we also delve into the various uses of garlic in cooking, providing participants with practical knowledge for both gardening and culinary applications

Participants take a guided tour through their school grounds and discover that what we consider “weeds” can be used as food and medicines. Students also learn how to create a rosehip tea, full of vitamin C.


Winter is a perfect time to plan your garden space using methods like square foot gardening. Participants choose a theme for their garden beds such as Spring Smoothie and plan what and how many vegetables and fruits they will grow in time for harvesting in June to create a feast from! We will also start some seedlings to care for to give your garden bed a head start and top tips for healthy soil.


Participants plant a vibrant spring garden using the square foot method, focusing on fast-growing plants like spinach, radishes, kale, lettuce, and peas, all ready for harvest before their summer break. Participants learn to make a delicious, spring smoothie or salad featuring the fresh greens they’ve grown.
This comprehensive workshop includes 3 facilitator visits.

Participants take a guided tour through their garden space and discover how what we consider “weeds” can be used as food and medicines. Students also learn how to create a nutritious tea or salad using dandelion flowers, leaves, and roots.


Planting in early summer allows for a return to school bounty. Participants discover what thrives in summer & plant a variety of summer crops including: pumpkins, cucumbers, squashes, carrots. We will also provide some tips on how to maintain the garden throughout the hot summer months. Participants also learn about staying hydrated when playing (or gardening) in the hot sun & prepare & enjoy a tasty, hydrating drink.

Our workshops, lasting 1 ½ hours, start at $15 per student, plus the cost of supplies (soil, seeds, seedlings, etc.)

Educator Workshops

Our Educator Workshops are specifically designed for teachers and educators looking to lead their own school gardens or outdoor learning spaces. These hands-on, practical sessions cover everything from planning and planting to maintaining a garden throughout the seasons. Key aspects include:

  • Creating clear garden goals and seasonal plans.
  • Comprehensive training in gardening techniques: from starting seedlings to harvesting.
  • Learning to prepare nutritious, no-cook seasonal snacks with provided recipes and shopping lists.
  • Guidance on hosting school garden markets for fundraising.

Offered during off-school hours, these half-day workshops are priced at $350 plus the cost of supplies.