Work With Us

At EarthBites, our diverse services blend hands-on gardening with nutritional and environmental education, empowering communities to cultivate sustainable futures. Each initiative is tailored to foster a deep connection with the earth, aligning with educational curriculums and local values.

School Partnership Program

EarthBites’ School Partnership Program offers year-round, immersive educational experiences. We specialize in seasonal workshops, where students and teachers engage hands-on in growing organic food and creating nutritious snacks, all linked to the BC curriculum.

Seasonal Workshops

Our seasonal workshops, available both in-person and online, cater to schools with or without garden spaces. We offer many of these enriching sessions in both French and English, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience. Participants can explore a variety of topics, including:

  • Microgreens
  • Hydroponics
  • Garlic Planting
  • Pollination
  • Seasonal Gardens (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • Seasonal Snacks

Whether using your school garden or simple container setups, our workshops are designed to provide hands-on, practical learning experiences for all involved.

Educator Workshops

Our Professional Development Workshops are tailored for teachers and educators aspiring to lead their own school gardens or garden learning spaces. These workshops equip participants with practical skills for planning, planting, and maintaining a garden across different seasons.

We focus on helping you to create engaging and enjoyable garden-based learning experiences for students, using easy-to-follow, nutritious, no-cook snack recipes.

Scheduled conveniently during off-school hours, these workshops are a valuable resource for educators looking to integrate hands-on gardening and nutrition education into their curriculum.

Garden Infrastructure Projects

Our Infrastructure Projects are dedicated to transforming school and community spaces into thriving gardens. Focused on sustainability and practicality, these projects involve designing and building garden structures that not only enhance the aesthetic of the space but also maximize its utility for food growing and educational purposes. We work closely with each community to create gardens that are tailored to their specific needs and environmental conditions. These projects not only provide a fertile ground for gardening but also serve as dynamic outdoor classrooms, fostering a deeper connection between participants and the natural world. Through these initiatives, we aim to lay a solid foundation for sustainable and educational gardening practices in communities.

“EarthBites has been an invaluable addition to our programming. The philosophy and structure of the program tie directly into the Redesigned BC Curriculum. The Earthbites program helps teachers develop inquiry projects with students and learn to apply their knowledge to real-world settings. Through the Earthbites program our students work with an organic gardener who introduces them to the food cycle from planting and growing, to harvesting and composting. A nutritionist introduces students to healthy snacks using produce the children have grown themselves.”

– Janet Souther, Principal of Shaughnessy Elementary School